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alumni profiles

Below are a sample of alumni of Loran Scholars Foundation who have demonstrated leadership outside of Canada:


Sarah Michael – Loran 1993
Social Development Specialist, World Bank
Washington , DC, USA

Currently working for the World Bank on civil society and governance issues with a strong emphasis on Eastern Europe, Sarah has been committed to advancing global equity ever since leading her high school's debating society and committing fully to the school ministry. After receiving her B.A. and B.Sc. at Queen's University, she spent four years at Trinity College, Cambridge (UK), initially on a British Chevening Scholarship, later as a fellow of the college. She received the Ph. D. from Cambridge in 2001 and then became a research associate at the Global Equity Initiative at Harvard University, where she led initiatives focused on advancing global health equity by strengthening the health workforce in low-income countries.

Sarah has always maintained a high level of community involvement and active leadership: for example, she presided over Trinity College's graduate student society at the University of Cambridge and competed as a member of their highly regarded women's rowing team, and has undertaken field research in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Senegal and Bangladesh.

Sarah's first book, Undermining Development: The Absence of Power among Local NGOs in Africa , was published by James Currey Publishers and Indiana University Press in the spring of 2004.

" Loran's founder Bob Cluett once told me that life's biggest challenge was to 'take meaningful risks.' I've never forgotten those words, and, for me, that's the most important thing about Loran. That encouragement has helped me to have so many meaningful experiences (an unforgettable summer spent in an Aboriginal community in the northern Yukon is but one example), to make meaningful friendships I still treasure today and to take meaningful risks in all aspects of my life ."


Diane Nalini deKerckhove – Loran 1992
University of Guelph, Physics Faculty
Guelph , Ontario

Combining physics and music has been a passion for Diane since she was a student at Villa Sainte Marcelline in Montreal, where she edited and published her school paper, presided over her school's welcoming club and was a member of Montreal's Ballets de la Jeunesse. From these experiences, Diane went on to McGill University, where she completed her B.Sc. in physics , followed by doctoral studies in applied nuclear physics at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. Never one to stop learning, Diane followed that up with three years of post-doctoral research on an 1851 Research Fellowship, culminating with a placement at the department of astrophysics at Oxford University.

Her creative life is firmly rooted in her jazz singing and songwriting, Diane has recently completed her third album of original jazz compositions during her one-year sabbatical from scientific research. She founded her own production company to release her first two albums in Canada and looks forward to performing selections from her new album across Canada, proceeds of which are donated to Oxfam. More information is available at www.dianenalini.com. Diane is also on the Board of Governors at Dawson College in Montreal and interviews and mentors for Loran.

In her words, " the Loran Award really helped me broaden my horizons. It led to many other wonderful opportunities, such as winning the Women in Science and Engineering Fellowship to work at NRC during my undergraduate years, and winning the Rhodes Scholarship to obtain my doctorate in physics from Oxford University ."


Lucas Skoczkowski – Loran 1992
CEO, Redknee Inc.
Mississauga , Ontario

As Redknee's founder, its first employee and its current CEO, Lucas Skoczkowski has been leading the company's business activities and corporate operations since 1999. Redknee is a wireless mobile service infrastructure company that has been distinguished as one of the "50 Best Managed Companies in Canada" and "Top 50 Profit," as well as placing seventh in the "Branham 300" list of the top Canadian wireless organizations. Lucas also received the Ernst and Young 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year award in the IT category. His success comes from years of honing his leadership skills; in high school, he founded his own computer software training company. Lucas proceeded to the University of Waterloo, where he completed his B.Sc. in electrical engineering in 1996.

In his years at Redknee, he has driven the development of the company's product portfolio, sales and overall organization. Prior to working at Redknee, Lucas gained considerable experience in sales, operations, and business and product development with a variety of international companies such as Nortel Networks ( USA, UK, Canada), George Weston Canada Inc. and Clearnet Communications Inc., as well as KS Computers Partnership and Synaxis Proprietorship. For Lucas, community contribution comes in the form of positioning Redknee as a Loran Sustaining Benefactor ($10,000+) and interviewing potential scholars throughout the selection process.

Lucas states that, as a Loran scholar, " I have been able to focus my energies to maximize every experience, which in turn resulted in my ability to have a much greater positive impact on the community. Loran means a long-term commitment to fulfilling the potential of oneself and one's contribution to the community ."


Warren Tranquada – Loran  1992
Partner, Aperio, LLC
East Orange , NJ; Toronto, ON; London, UK

Warren Tranquada is the co-founder and a Partner of Aperio,  LLC, and runs its US office. Aperio is a consulting firm that works with non-profit clients in the US, Canada and the UK , helping organizations diversify their revenue though non-traditional and entrepreneurial means – primarily through the creation of businesses. Aperio is recognized as an international leader in the social entrepreneurship movement. Prior to Aperio, Warren was a vice-president in the small business group at The Chase Manhattan Bank, where he managed and developed strategic partnerships. He also has consulting experience with Bain & Company, an internationally recognized strategic consulting firm. Warren has an MBA from Harvard Business School (with distinction), and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University (with great distinction). He lives in New Jersey with his wife Alexine, and children Gabriella and Calvin.

 Warren received a Loran Award in 1992, and today notes that: “the selection process of Loran is rigorous and transparent. Scholars understand the level of trust that the selection committee has placed in them. Combining that with the stories that you hear from other scholars certainly creates pressure, and a genuine desire to live up to the high expectations.”